50 Pivotal Mindsets

Available October 2021

Life can be very fulfilling and highly rewarding, offering unlimited opportunities for those who are willing to do the work. However, great potential is often challenged by numerous obstacles that stand between the committed and their goals.

To consistently overcome the relentless adversity that sometimes accompanies success, one must achieve and maintain a high level of mental toughness. 50 Pivotal Mindsets is a practical guide for effectively managing and overcoming the psychological challenges common to breakthrough and achievement.

Prior to transitioning to a very successful sales career, Chris Harris taught elite combatives for 25 years to federal agencies, the military, and special forces. As a sales professional, he took the same resilient mindset principles he had taught to warriors around the world and applied them to selling. This provided Harris with a powerful differentiator that elevated him to the ranks of the sales elite in just a few short years. 50 Pivotal Mindsets teaches these same time-honored and battle-tested principles to those who want to win the mental game and conquer their goals.